Fundraising ‘Ohana Style!

Fundraising 'Ohana Style!

Ohana Bros. believe that we are all one family and that we should support each other however and whenever possible. The Bros have created a couple of ways to team up with our community groups and good causes to help them raise funds so that they can keep on doing great things.

Here are two options for fundraising:

1.) Come to Our Place for some Aloha!

  • Your group picks a date for your event (Mon-Thurs).
  • We provide you with a flyer design, web/Facebook/Instagram post design as well as some tips for promoting your event.
  • You and your team promote the heck out of the date and get all of your supporters to come to Ohana Bros. on that date and order lots of Ohana snacks.
  • The very next day, we cut you a check for 15% of every sale from your supporters.

2.) Tin-A-Thon

  • Your team partners with Ohana Bros. by selling tins of popcorn and/or chips to family, friends and supporters.
  • We’ll provide you with the order forms, brochures, along with social media post designs so that you can promote your campaign.
  • We cut you a check for 25% of every sale from your team.

Everyone is a Winner!

Your supporters get awesome Ohana Bros. Munchies, we get to introduce new people to Ohana Bros., and you get a big fat check. Pretty sweet.

Contact Us at to get started.