Shaved in traditional Hawaiian fashion!

Rainbow dreamSlide thumbnail

Strawberry, Lemon & Key Lime and Pineapple drizzled with sweet condensed milk

Rainbow Dream

Island BreezeSlide thumbnail

Mango, Coconut, and Passion Fruit drizzled with sweet condensed milk

Island Breeze

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Root Beer Float

Root Beer and vanilla ice cream topped with sweet condensed milk

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Monkey Brains

Strawberry, Pineapple and Mandarin Tangerine drizzled with Coconut Cream

Hawaiian Shave Ice

There is absolutely no substitute for authentic Hawaiian-style Shave Ice. Shaving a block of ice, rather than crushing, creates a fine texture that gets layered and thick, but not hard,  so the ice absorbs more of the flavor-y goodness. You don’t see true Shave Ice that often, probably because it takes twice as long to shave the ice than it does to crush ice. To us it’s worth the extra time to prepare, just to see the looks on your faces.

Our Pure Shave Ice features house syrups made of natural extracts, fruit purees, fruit juices, and pure cane sugar.

Ohana Bros. Shave Ice

House-Made Syrups

Passion Fruit (Lilikoi)
Concord Grape
Root Beer
Mandarin Tangerine
Lemon & Key Lime
Cream Soda


Sweet Condensed Milk (Snow Cap)
Coconut Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream Core
Sour Bomb