100% All-Beef Dog on a Kings Hawaiian Bun!

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100% all- beef dog drizzled with spicy mustard, topped with sweet relish,tomatoes, two dill pickle spears, white onion, jalapenos, and sprinkled with celery salt


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100% all-beef dog drizzled with hot cheese and our house-made spice isle sauce, topped with jalapenos, tomatoes, white onion, and sprinkled with crushed Rio Habanero Maui Chips.

Tijuana Dog

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Chili Cheese Dog

100% all-beef dog topped with all-beef chili, shredded cheddar and white onions

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Island Style

100% all-beef dog drizzled with our house-made passion fruit mustard, mango sauce and spice isle sauce

The Original Shaka Dog

Island-inspired dogs made with 100% all-beef franksĀ in a soft Kings Hawaiian Bun. Shaka Dogs are made from only premium quality cuts of beef with no artificial flavors, colors, or added fillers. Shaka!



Chili Sauce
Cheese Sauce
Crushed Maui Chips
Spice Isle Sauce
White Onion
Mango Sauce
Dill Pickle
Sweet Relish
Passion Fruit Mustard
Spicy Mustard